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Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage (back)

Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage

Obraztsova Street 12a
1926 - 1927
Konstantin Melnikov
Engineer Vladimir Shukhov
This is one of the best examples of Moscow industrial architecture (54 x 167 m) and the first in a series of garages built by Melnikov: a long parallelogram for parking 104 Leyland buses in a herringbone pattern. The internal space is a projection of the outside. On the main façade, decorative details, inscription and reliefs are important elements of the composition. The façade is dynamic and complex, and in contrast to the severe rear façade, its brickwork corresponds to the rhythm of the interior, and is broken up by the high vertical windows and enlivened by large round windows placed over the entrance gates.

This building was partly demolished in 2001-2002 despite a national and international campaign for its salvation. The roof and some of the metal trusses have been dismantled. It is currently in the process of reconstruction.

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